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Administrator Jun 20, 2013

Orchestra Platform has officially been release as v2.0.0 on June 20th, 2013. Many of you might not know this but Orchestra Platform start on June 20th, 2012. So, what does this mean for everyone? The only different is that you can now remove "minimum-stability": "dev" to "minimum-stability": "stable".

Change Log

Versioning Strategy

The initial idea was every components would be tagged with the same version number on each release just as how Laravel does it releases, however this turn out to be redundant and a fix to a component doesn't always involved changes to another component.

The strategy that we would follow is that major release (2.*) will be tagged for all (regardless of changes), while minor release (2.*.*) will be tagged individually.

Moving Forward

I'm currently working to complete the documentation as well finishing a few extension for Orchestra Platform. One that I'm hoping to release soon is Story CMS which is based on Wardrobe.

Other than that, Control Extension now support theme management.