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Mior Muhammad Zaki Jun 9, 2015

This is our first time releasing Orchestra Platform major/minor release on the same day as Laravel. This release will be our biggest release yet and was originally planned to be due on the 15th of June 2015. However, since the changes to Laravel is still consider minor it should be safe to do it now.

What's New

I'm proud to announce Orchestra Platform 3.1 is packed with new features that I believe would be useful for your application development. As of now, we have roughly 28 components (instead of 17 components in previous release) available under Orchestra Platform.

Installer as Separate Component

In previous release, "orchestra/foundation" include an Installation Wizard that you can use to install Orchestra Platform, however starting from 3.0 release we have separate it as Installer. With this changes, you can practically swap the Installation Wizard to something else totally if for example you're building application that require such customisation.

FTP Updater as Separate Component

Same as Installer, you can now include the FTP Updater component only on project that require it. This tool is primarily required when using Orchestra Platform where you required to use FTP uploading instead of using SSH with GIT/SVN etc. With the requirement to use FTP becoming less than common it seem best fit as a separate component.

Deprecating Filter to use Middleware

As part of our improvement strategy to work well on every release of Laravel, we're removing filters from Orchestra Platform as of v3.1.0 and opt for middleware. We would advice everyone to migrate to middleware as soon as possible since filter support will be completely removed in Laravel 5.2 and Orchestra Platform 3.2.

If your project temporarily depends on filters (especially Orchestra Platform default filters), feel free to install our backward compatibility tool via:

composer require "orchestra/bequest=~3.0"

Marking Certain Dependencies as Optional

The following components is no longer required by default by "orchestra/foundation":

On top of that, the default "orchestra/platform" application skeleton no longer require Story CMS by default. These components was removed to make the initial installation smaller and give the developer more freedom to decide what they really need for each project.

Do note that compatibility releases will still be added for these components.

Installable Theme

Orchestra Platform now also include AdminLTE backend theme where you can install by running

composer require "stackie/adminlte-theme"

You can then enable it through the Control Extension > Theme page.

Long Term Support (LTS)

One year ago, we released our first LTS verion for Orchestra Platform 2.1.x. And this year I'm proud to announce that we will be putting 3.1.x as LTS as well alongside Laravel (3.1) and Symfony (2.7). The two year bugfix will start from 9th June 2015 till 9th June 2017 and this can be viewed from out Timeline page.