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Mior Muhammad Zaki Sep 13, 2015

Hello everyone, today I going to share some updates on Orchestra Platform. This is mainly for the community to know what going on behind the scene and what might come out in the near futures. Few things that I would like to cover today is regarding:

  • Paid Subscriptions
  • Community Projects
  • Cookbook

Paid Subscriptions

You probably notice that there a new Plan page on Orchestra Platform website. The subscription plan would act as a fund collection for us to further improve Orchestra Platform in term of providing documentation, source material, themes and extension development. However, I would like to stress out that all the available components under Orchestra Platform is still open sourced under MIT License and will remain available for everyone regardless whether you're a paid subscriber or community members.

Why should I pay the subscription?

As a paid subscriber, you would be able to ask support directly to our core team via e-mail which is managed via BeSnappy. Hopefully with this approach, you'll be more confident to share your problem, provide relevant code snippet etc. For enterprise user, we also extending support for End Of Life (EOL) version of Orchestra Platform.

What if I can't afford the subscription?

The free tier is always available for everyone. The only limitation is that the medium for sharing issue will be via:

Malaysia's Day Special

I'm also giving out 50% discount for any subscription purchase today until September 16, 2015. Key-in MALAYSIA to be eligible for the discount.

Community Projects

Orchestra Platform is growing, and to help manage this in the future we are introducing community centered organization similar to Friend Of Symfony or Friend Of PHP:

  • Laravie for Extension/Package development.
  • Stackie for Theme development.

Any Orchestra Platform community member can start a new project and you'll be the core contributor of the said project. The aim of these organization is that in an event where the core contributor no longer has any interest in the project we can try to have to core team member to try an babysit the project until a new maintainer can be pick.

This is important because during 2.x there been quite a number of available extension made for Orchestra Platform, however due huge architecture change in Laravel 5 most of this project is not updated to the latest version and we're hoping with this approach, similar scenario will not repeat itself in the future.

If you interested to start a new project, feel free to buzz me on Gitter.


In addition to above, we are also working on Orchestra Platform Cookbook. This is a pre-release version of the e-book and hopefully we can have a definitive guide to development with Orchestra Platform. I would really hope that the community would contribute to this book as well by making improvement and proofreading. You can submit the pull request to